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Magic Dust Registration for Winter 2023 is Closed
Join the waitlist here for the next offering. 

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Magic Dust Yoga: Create a Practice Full of Everyday and Ancient Magic

A four-week eCourse that introduces you to the depth and magic of an everyday yoga practice that you design with support and guidance.   

Three ceramic figures of cross-legged women with eyes closed

You'll love this course if...

tree with light comin through leaves

You are seeking a practice to ground you like the roots of an old tree. 

image of young woman painted in red with flames coming from her hair

You know life can be HARD and you love it anyway. 

You have a deep need to accept, care for, and understand your body just as it is. 

woman searching for books in library stacks

You'd love to know more about finding wisdom in ancient and modern guides even as you learn to lean into your own inner guidance. 

child holding a giant pretzel

You know (or have a strong suspicion) that yoga is more than turning yourself into a pretzel. 

“Karrie's class is a wonderful blend of creativity and mindfulness—stretches the body and centers the soul."

Barb, Puyallup, WA 

Stay Tuned for the Next Offering! 

Course Overview & Outline


Magic Dust Yoga eCourse


Each week of the course, you'll receive a guide with artwork and journal prompts to follow in your email along with one intentionally designed and illustrated yoga sequence. Guides will include audio so you can listen or read with your eyes. With images and words, I'll help you build your own practice and offer you the tools to stay with it.

  • All materials are yours to keep forever.

  • New lessons come out each week. Complete at your own pace.  

  • Begins January 18th, 2023 and last lesson sent February 15th.

  • Optional Facebook group to connect with me and others and strengthen your new habits.


Week One: Slow and Steady

Restorative Poses


Week Three: Connection

Meditation and Energy


Week Two: Fear and Courage

Strength Building Poses


Week Four: Heal and Sustain

Healing Poses

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