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Is Art Words and Yoga 
for you? 

AWAY works best for people looking for a way to weave practices into their lives gently. 

Our approach to regular practice works best for some students because we designed it with these situations in mind: 

  • You have had losses in your life. Maybe they happened long ago. Maybe they were more recent. You also have many joys and you are looking for ways to hold both of those things. To keep living fully even as you know that grief is a part of life and not something you can escape. 

  • You have tried to practice some form or parts of Art Words and Yoga in the past but have struggled to keep at it. You know a regular practice is a good idea but you just can't find a way to make it stick.

  • You read and heard about how important human connections are but have often found them hard to form. You know all about how dangerous it is to become isolated as we age but it just isn't all that easy to find others to practice with. You want a practice that helps you care for your body, mind, and spirit with those human connections. 

Our students often share these values with us:

  • You care deeply about others. You regularly give to charities and find ways to volunteer your time even as you also practice caring for yourself. 

  • The natural world is important to you. This may look like long walks in the outdoors, adopting pets from animal shelters, or a fascination with beekeeping. 

  • You understand that practices like Art Words and Yoga are not about "getting it right" but rather about finding ways to grow and to heal. For you the practices aren't about creating a masterpiece or twisting yourself into a pose. Instead your practice is about stepping into a way of being that gives your life meaning with deep compassion for yourself and others. 

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