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Easy Pose Headshot of Karrie


I'm Karrie Zylstra Myton, an artist, writer, and yogini. I've always been these things but I didn't always know it. 
My clients are often over 50 or shining old souls still in their younger years. We love art, words, yoga and the deep magic woven into all three. 



Chair Yoga Certified


Never knew I was an artist

My mother Sydney was an amazing visual artist who took photos like the one here.


Because I couldn't create artwork like she did from the start, I didn't think art was for me. Then I discovered that art was my best way through heartache and now I can't imagine life without it. The art found me and saved me. I'd love to help it find you, too. 

Photo of  red poppy taken by Sydney Zylstra


Forever reading and writing 

My first memories are of words and their magic. I have always loved stories and wanted to write them--in every language-- as much as anything. 

I majored in German and earned a master in education to teach English to those who speak other languages. I traveled to several countries and for a long time taught English to people from the U.S. and around the world. I have a deep faith in words and their ability to heal you, too. 


Like dancing but so much deeper

Many years ago, I wanted to be a dancer. When my mom and I went to a book store, we could only find a beautifully photographed book by Rachel Welch on yoga. I've been doing poses ever since and have loved the chance to offer yoga instruction.


Each year, I grow more amazed at the depth of yoga beyond the shapes we make with our bodies. I hope you, too, can look beyond the glorious Raquel with her terry cloth headbands. 

photo of Raquel Welch
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