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Experience the ancient and everyday magic of yoga instruction woven together with the healing joy of art and words.

Like many, you have experienced loss and change. You may be retired or about to retire. You may be changing careers or even going through a divorce. You’ve had big changes in your life and not all of them have been what you wanted them to be.

You are old enough to have lost people you loved very much and this pain is a part of your everyday life now.


Perhaps you are not even old in years but feel old in your heart because of what has happened to you.


You know your losses won't go away but you long to keep and build connections with others in the life you live now. 


You need practices to sustain yourself. 

At Art Words and Yoga, you can find these practices and the support you need to weave them into your everyday life. 

A place to build and sustain practices designed to keep you connected to others and compassionate towards yourself. 

IMG_8625 2.HEIC

I really enjoy the time I spend in your class! Yoga has helped my body heal faster. I like that you spend the first part of the class discussing some aspect of yoga, so we can learn more about it. And I really like that you find alternative ways to get the same stretch if our bodies will not cooperate.

Lisa / Retired Pharmacist and AWAY Student

"I enjoy the calmness—it quiets my brain."

AWAY Student

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Asana Art

ArdhaChandrasana HalfMoonPose with woman over an image of the moon in half grey and half yellow
Virasana HeroPose 
Woman in Hero Pose with pink background

Padmasana LotusPose 
Woman in Lotus pose with a lotus behind her on a red background

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